Pro Bono Work

We believe in community at many levels and as individuals and a company
we continue to support our community on a local level in many ways. We have
contributed thousands of hours of Pro Bono work over the many years we
have been in business.

Pro Bono Project List (Partial) :

Rob - Mid Coast Fire Brigade-Subdivision - Planning, Architectural Design, Construction Admin

Rob - Pt Sur Lightstation Preservation - Fundraising, Grant writing and Architectural Design

Mary Ann - Monterey Museum of Art - Architectural Design

Rob & Mary Ann - Big Sur Land Trust - Glen Deven Ranch Master Planning & Architectural Design

Mary Ann - Big Sur Land Trust - Land Trust Offices - Interior Design

Rob - Monterey County - Highlands Bixby Advisory Committee

Adam - Carmel Area - Advisory Committee

Mary Ann - Carl Cherry Foundation - Architectural & Landscape Design

Rob - Permit Streamlining Task Force - Monterey County